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Cool Hats Keep You Cool...
Once summer hits, you will be looking for proven ways to tackle heat stress. Cool Hats are the perfect cooling headwear for keeping cool in the summer heat. These cooling accessories are used by thousands of people every summer because they are a simple, effective way to keep your cool.

The Ladies Cool Hat
The Ultimate Cool Hat
The Adventurers Cool Hat
The Every Day Cool Hat
The Great Outdoors Cool Hat

To feel extra cool, use our range of Cooling Neck Ties with your Cool Hat. Simply wet your cool scarf and tie it on for relief from heat discomfort. Flip your personal cooling device over every half hour or so for gentle cooling against your skin.

The wet crystals cool the skin on your neck, and cool the arteries in your neck, which supply blood to your brain. This cooled blood then circulates around your body. Many people wear a fully lined hat that will then heat the blood up again. Cool Hats were designed to do the opposite. By incorporating a breathable Air Flo crown, comfy terry towelling sweatband, and a magic Cool Pad, Cool Hats have created the perfect summer hat that will have you feeling cool, protected and comfortable as summer temperatures soar.

Cool Hats contain a removable magic Cool Pad filled with safe super absorbent non-toxic crystals which forms a cooling gel when placed in water. The pad keeps working for hours. But these personal cooling products cool you in three ways so they effectively allow the whole family to enjoy the great outdoors, even on a scorching summer day.

Cool Hats Keep You Shaded and Protected...
Summer is a great time to spend lots of time outdoors at the beach, barbies and the cricket. Protecting yourself and your family from the harmful rays of the sun is vital. Australians are four times more likely to develop skin cancer than any other form of cancer. Wearing a wide brimmed hat will shade and protect you on a summer's day. Yet, there are many Aussies who do not wear a hat, because they feel that a hat heats them up.

This is quite true if the hat is fully lined and doesn't breathe. But these Australian designed Australian owned versatile cool hats, with a wide 7 - 10cm brim and comfortable terry towelling sweatband, are made from Sunsmart MicroMesh which is lightweight, squashable, washable, colour fast, breathable and has a rating of SPF 50+. They are the best way to keep your body cool, shaded and protected in hot weather.

Cool Hats Are For Everyone...
Whether male, female, young or old, working or playing, Cool Hats are for you. Gardeners, bowlers, golfers, outside workers, cricketers, tennis players... everyone needs a Cool Hat. They make a perfect unique useful gift also. These cooling hats are the coolest fashion accessory for summer!

People suffering from MS have been able to stay cooler and more comfortable in summer using our personal body cooling system and incorporating both the cool hats and ice ties for maximum relief.

When you are ready to overcome heat stress with affordable, quality personal cooling accessories, check out all the different styles of Australian designed Cool Hats. Cool Hats are like an air-conditioner for your head !

Cool Pads Are Easy To Use...

  • Remove the Cool Pad from inside the double crown.
  • Scrunch under cold water whilst massaging the cooling pockets.
  • Place pad inside pocket in crown.
  • To reactivate soak again.
  • For extra coolness, place pad in fridge or freezer before and after use.
  • Have extra cool pads in the fridge or esky ready to use.


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