No matter what your activity, heat stress slows you down and limits both your energy level and endurance.

People everywhere, at work and play are discovering the exotherm or exothermic advantage. It's simple: when your body is at a comfortable temperature, your mental focus is sharper, your attention span improves. You are safer and more productive.

What is Exotherm® Technology ?

Personal Cooling Products are always investigating the best personal cooling products to help your body lessen the impact of environmental heat conditions. Our latest personal cooling products are unparalleled because they rely on the unique properties of Exotherm® technology to absorb excess body heat as needed.

Bike rider uisng the coolersExotherm®Technology is a propriety cooling technology. It is the most cutting edge cooling technology specifically designed to provide comfort and heat stress protection in high temperature environments.

Encapsulated in various shaped packs, dependent on their specific use, this cooling technology makes a phase change in minutes from a liquid to a semi-solid, white waxy form and releases long-lasting, temperature specific cooling relief. It works as a "heat sink" effectively wicking off excess body heat, enhancing alertness and energy, reducing heat fatigue and dehydration.

One of the most exciting benefits of the Exotherm® is that it all products can be re-energized thousands of times by simply submerging in ice and water. They may also be recharged within a refrigerator or freezer.

Our Exotherm® cooling products stand alone in delivering convenient, self-sufficient, mobile thermal management solutions. This means you can be confident in safe, lifelong cooling with these products which we are importing from America for you. These state-of-the-art cooling products are a once only purchase, as they will work to keep you cool and stress-free forever.

What is it made from?

Exotherm® is made from readily available, organically derived hydrocarbons. Each product contains special blends that are temperature specific encapsulated in geometric cooling cells which absorb heat only within the temperature range that is optimal for their specific task or situation. A charged Exotherm® cell is never too cold - it's always "just right."

Head & Helmet Cooling PadHow safe is it ?

Exotherm® is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, durable, lighter than water and does not produce condensation. It will not transfer electrical energy and can be used safely with all electronic equipment.

Unlike common PCM's, animal fats/by-products and oils, Exotherm® Technology is so safe and non-reactive that the FDA in America, where the products are manufactured under proprietary formulas, has certified it as safe for skin and organ contact.

Unlike the extremely cold temperatures of ice, gels or water-circulative products, the higher temperature formulations offered in our products works in harmony with your body. The cooling performance is not impacted by humidity or outside temperature.

It is self-regulating. It only absorbs the amount of heat needed to maintain optimum therapeutic cooling temperatures for personal body cooling or therapeutic benefit, and it completely eliminates the risk of frostbite caused by prolonged or direct exposure to temperatures delivered by ice or gel products.

These body cooling products are easy to use, with a long use life-span.

Two decades of research have delivered the current products today.


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